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Power Backup

Lucky Tex has own power generation units, having plant total capacity of 3.825 MW. Generation is being done without interruption or fluctuation through Natural Gas Fuel Burnt Generators of Caterpillar family, models as follows:

G-3516 B Series 1000 KW x 2) = 2000 KW
G-3516 C Series(1500 KW x 1) = 1500 KW
G-3412(325 KW x 1) = 325 KW
Total capacity = 3825 KW (3.825 MW)
We are also working on Energy Saving in powerhouse, we are using the Exhaust Air and hereby save up to 33% of our fuel by making steam through Heat Recovery Boiler. It produces 2 tons of saturated steam at 7 bar.

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