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Our Vision/Emerging Ventures
100 Years vision! 1993 - 2092
During our 1st 10-years(1993-2002) Business growth has been remarkable and the Lucky Tex Net Assets are in excess of 1-Billion Rupees, which actually represent 100% equity and growth percentage of over 400 percent.
Lucky Tex at above rate, plans and envisages to grow as follows
2003 - 2012 2-Billion
2013 - 2022 5-Billion
By the end of the century in around 2093 Lucky Tex aims to be a 100-billion Rupees assets/equity based company.
The Company presently has committed to contribute 1% of Export Sales to Textile Institute, for Research & Development + Scholarships and higher Textile Technology Education and same to grow over the period of time.
Vision to Grow Production and Export & Benefits
Present capacity is to process and stitch 3-Million meters per month = 36 Million meters per year.
Lucky Tex will grow its production and export as follows:
  • By 2013 72-Million meters per year
  • By 2023 100-Million meters per year value 250 Million U.S. Dollars minimum.
On achieving above targets the future management has to set sustainable and achievable targets for the production and export.
To achieve above Production the vision is to install manufacturing capacity as follows:
  • Spinning = 100,000 Spindles
  • Weaving = 500, Airjet Looms with Dobbies and Jacquards to produce value added end-products
  • Processing = 3 Production Line each one to produce 120,000 meters per day.
  • (Printing + Dyeing + Coating & Flocking)
  • Stitching = 1000 different specialized machines.
The vision is to give quality employment to approximately 3000 people by 2023 and integrate them into one community Lucky Tex. We aim to look after their children’s education, family housing and medical needs along with transportation. We want them to be role-model employees in the industry with self respect and pride to walk in the society with grace and dignity.
To achieve first long-haul targets for the year 2023 and beyond, Lucky Tex plans to buy approx two hundred of acres of land in Nooriabad or Port Qasim or may be free Zone at Gawadar (the upcoming Sea-Port to the west of Karachi)
Vision for end of The Century by 2092
LUCKY TEX Aims to be one of the world's largest producers of textile made-up - (home textile) having Intercontinental offices and being the first true PAKISTANI multi-national company, with multi-national share holders with quotes on the major stock exchanges of the world.

At the end we pray to Allah to help and guide us to achieve this vision and help us grow the company along with the country and community. (Ameen)
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