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Processing Facilities

Our Processing Unit is geared to handling fabric widths upto 3.2 meters and weights from 80 - 300 gms/square meter.

Bleached White, Optical White, Pigment and Reactive Printing on both Rotary and Panel, Dyeing of Pastel to Medium Pigment Shades, Various Chemical Finishes at Stenter and various Mechanical Finishes at Calendar are some of the options we offer.

The first stage in this process is to purify the fibers from impurities such as Cotton seeds impurities and waxes etc.
Natural fibers require more cleaning than that of synthetic
Equipment Description Specification Quantity & Production Capacity
Singeing & Desizing Osthoff Singe Germany. Model 2002 Double Jet Burner, 3.2 meters wide, suitable for all fabrics with integrated desizing unit 100,000 meters/Day
Continuous Bleaching Benninger Switzerland. Model 2002 Prewasher, Impecta steamer washing equipped with suction slots suitable for pretreatment of all type of fabrics. 100,000 meters/Day
IR Dyeing
Lucky Tex is using IR dyeing technology and can dye any soft of fabric range from light to medium colors with pigment dyes.
Equipment Description Specification Quantity & Production Capacity
Stenter with Infra Red Dryer Bruckner, Type 30/8 Germany (2- 2002 Model, 1- 2007 Model) 8 chambers with Pin & Clip options, Twin Air, gas heated, PLC controlled, equipped with weft straightening & moisture controller. One equipped with an IR suitable for Dyeing 3 Stenters having capacity of 75,000 meters/day/machine
Computer Aided Designing (CAD) & Engraving
The CAD department is an elegantly built studio, utilizing modern scientific computer technology.
Having conventional tracers and artists with years of experience in textiles.
Our latest technology of color separation and engraving (ink jet engraving), enables us to create a wide range of sophisticated designs which can be printed using fine mesh screens.
Equipment Description Specification Quantity & Production Capacity
CAD (Designing) CAD/CAM, SGI Italy, DIGITEX CD/Films/Scanning facilities, Silicon graphics CAD/CAM system 07 CAD Systems, Drum Plotter (CST), HP Plotter+ Scanner,
Engraving CST Inkjet Germany. Screen Engraving through Ink Jet System 1- Rotary Screen (01)
2- Flat Screen (01)
Lucky Tex has a high standard of printing, utilizing both Rotational and Panel machines with Reactive and Pigment dyes upto 16 colors.

Lucky Tex has also planned to install Four (04) latest Digital Printers manufactured by Italian top of the line company Reggiani. These digital printers will be fully operation by the end of 2019.

We also have a computerized color kitchen enabling us to do accurate color matching time after time, giving excellent support to the printing operation. 

The range of Rotational and Panel Designs produced at Lucky Tex caters to a diverse global market.


Equipment Description Specification Quantity & Production Capacity
Digital Printing Reggiani POWER - Italy 3.5 meters, 8 color, 32 printing heads, 600x600 dpi, reactive print. 240 Lm/hr on 2 passes.
Color Kitchen Termoelettronica; Italy. 2002 Model 20 colors IPS, Paste preparation, Rotating heads, weighing mixing for bulk dispensing & separate system for sample formulation. Fully Computerized Automatic color kitchen capable of handling 3 Printing Machines
Sample Table (Rotary) Reggiani UNISTAR Italy 2002 Model suitable to print strike off sample 16 meters sample per strike off
Rotary Printing (02 in Numbers) Regianni - UNICA Italy 3.0 meters wide, 17 colors Designs,suitable for all kind of woven fabrics. 40,000 meters/Day/machine.
Sample Table (Flat Bed) Buser Switzerland suitable to print strike off sample 16 meters sample per strike off
Flat Bed Printing Buser Switzerland 3.2 meters wide, 12 colors with the repeat range of 400 to 3000 mm. 12,000 meters/Day
Lucky Tex offers a variety of Fabric Finishes to our customers. In addition to our ability of matching customers standards of feel and handle, we also offer the following: Water and Oil Repellant, Stain Release by Scotch Guard, Teflon by Dupont, Antibacterial and Fire Retardant finish.
Equipment Description Specification Quantity & Production Capacity
Sanforizing YONGDA Chinese 3.2 meters wide Chinese Sanfo finishing machine capable of treating fabrics to prevent the normal dimensional alternation of warp and weft. 50 meters per minute. 19,200 meters per day.
Arioli Steam Ager Arioli Italy- 2002 Model 3.2 meters wide, double web. With integrated oil boiler & steaming facility. 60,000 meters/Day
Arioli Baker Arioli - Baker Italy 3.2 meters wide, double web. With gas heated facility 40,000 meters/Day
Calendar Kleinewefer/ Kuester, KKA 3-Bowl NIPCO-L Germany. 2002 Model 3 meters wide with steel, cotton & Racolane sleeve for all type of finer finishing. 100,000 meters/Day
Washing Red Flag, China, 2010 Model 3.2 meters wide, will be running by May 2010. Main purpose will be washing-off of Reactive Printed Fabric. 50,000 meters / Day
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