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Information System


A well-equipped I.T department is fully functional keeping in view the need of 21st Century. The internet & intranet system are used to deliver all type of online information to minimize the unnecessary time loss due to manual operations. In-house ERP systems developed & deployed is the backbone of Lucky Tex Digital Nervous System which not only delivers the timely information, but also provides platform for better decision making & planning.

Lucky Tex ERP manages all information & all core functions of the Lucky Tex using featured rich world renowned Oracle Database. All information is centrally located & hence duplications eliminated which enhances the system & employee efficiencies.
Lucky Tex IT Executive Summary
Today’s businesses demand more from IT than ever before. IT is expected to help the business innovate and grow, regardless of the difficult economic times. The IT organization is under constant pressure to reduce its budgets and deliver results. The Lucky Tex IT team is constantly working for developing innovative ways to cut costs and improve service while minimizing the risks to the business.
In Today’s world automation is a key tool for the smooth growth and productivity of the company. IT arsenal to help an organization get lean that is, maximize the value provided to the business at the lowest cost. Automation is the heart of Lean IT and expanding its use in the management of IT operations can enable a truly agile and responsive IT organization. The Lucky Tex IT Department had design and developed ‘The Lucky Tex ERP solution’ using the state of the art Technology. By deploying effective management software solutions and automating processes to reduce complexity and increase efficiencies, the Lucky Tex can achieve the goal of delivering quality service to the business at the lowest cost and that is the mission statement of the company.
Business-Driven Automation (BDA) enables IT to reduce costs and increase agility and service quality by enabling dynamic, real-time response to changing business demands allowing IT to respond at the speed of business. BDA reduces risk and human error by automating complex processes. The Lucky Tex ERP solution is being design in accordance to the Business Driven Automation Techniques minimizing the costs by optimization and utilization of physical and virtual assets. This provides Lucky Tex to increased agility and reduces unnecessary costs. By using the BDA methodology the Lucky Tex IT Team is working towards more strategic projects by automating many of the labor-intensive tasks involved in deploying, configuring and managing the resources in reducing the duplication of work that support business services. Lucky Tex ERP solution is an integrated system that allows information to enter at a single point in process & updates a single shared database for all functions that directly or indirectly depend on this information. All the modules of Weaving, Processing and Stitching are fully integrated with state through processing enabling the user at the ease of work. The Human Resources Module is being developed for taking the maximum utilization of human resources. The flow of all transactions between the ERP module are ended at the Finance Module and no accounting transaction are recaptured. This allows the company with maximum benefit of ERP solution.
Effective IT Is Business-Driven Automation
Business-driven automation (BDA) is the optimal stage in an organization’s IT maturity, wherein IT can manage to business value and operational risk, realizing the higher efficiencies and cost benefits of IT automation. The Lucky Tex IT Team is developing more for the customers with the ability to prioritize their automation investments in alignment with the needs of the business.
Automation Maturity
Organizations that are automating deploying and realized value from an implementation of infrastructure with application monitoring tools are more successful in today’s Globalize business world. The Lucky Tex Technology Team is putting their best effort in the Automation Maturity phase by proficiency in identifying and reacting to event-driven alerts for applications, systems and network elements.
The Lucky Tex IT Team is working towards the Customer needs to provide a very comprehensive arrangement by providing the customer tracking of orders information. We will provide login facility which will give the complete view from order placement to delivery of Finish goods with shipment tracking. The customer can check the status of the order placed at Lucky Tex. They can watch the status of their order 24/7 at their ease and can have a better satisfaction level. Instead of calling or through email contacts the customers have a better feeling by directly taking a look on the order status. The Technology team is also planning to provide the live production view of Lucky Tex in the second phase.
Today’s economic conditions are forcing organizations to become leaner. The Lucky Tex IT team helping the organization to improve efficiencies and “get lean” in addition to helping improve the quality of the services and in processing the business efficiently.  The Lucky Tex IT team is making it possible for the business to become an efficient and value-driven asset for the business. Business-driven automation is an innovative approach to delivering extensible value by aggregating and streamlining.
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